Solo Scenarios: Do they scale based on IP within an Elite tier?


I started doing T5 scenarios when I was in my mid 600s and now in my early 700s, they seem harder to me all the sudden.

Do they scale within a tier, maybe based on your IP?

Or maybe I was doing 4s when 6 was the most I could and I’m started ‘accidentally’ picking 5s when 7 opened? Maybe that’s that happened.


Scenarios don’T scale with ip only with elite tier.
They do vary in difficulty based on the map, what hazard and what enemies you have. For example sniper on hotel is easier than sniper on mansion.
Spectres are worse enemies than draug. Fungi worse than werwolfs.



I noticed that. The combination of things attributing to difficulty. Or the types of supplies you get at the half way point. Some of the bosses I don’t recall hardly ever getting. Maybe I’m just seeing more of them now.

I ‘vote retreat’ every time I get the house. :slight_smile:


why? if u see me on just toss me a tell. I will help you if mansion pops