Solo Survivor Championship - Season 1 - PVP PC Dedicated Server


Solo Survivor Championship is conan exile’s first PvP/RP server that will award Awards to the Exile who survives and excels in Conan’s World!
Mamon, God of Greed, stands in the middle of an Arena surrounded by blood and fighting.
Every day, during Raid time, Mamon will buy random items from the adventurers who enter the arena.
At the end of the season, Mamon will announce who was the exile who raised the most riches and reward him.
The Item That Mamon will buy will be random, and can be a simple Fiber up to something very Rare. All with its own value respectively.
And to find out what he’ll be buying, only if you come in and talk to him. But don’t forget it’s a PvP Arena!
The strategy to become the great Champion is the one who does it!

Rate Exp: 5x
Rate Drop: 4x
Respaw Rate: 4x
Raid 20h ~ 23h (GMT-3)
Official Language: Portuguese ( We will put the content in english too)

Conan Exiles Dedicated Game Server - Gtxgaming
Slots: 30
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Memory Allocation: Up to 8GB
Hard Disk: NVMe. M2 Enterprise (Extreme Performance)
CPU Clock Speed: 4.8Ghz+ (OC Extreme Performance)
Tickrate: 60 Tickrate (Unlocked) FPS