Solo wich queen

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Single player
I died. I went back, died again. Have two corpses in the witch queen dungeon and now her dialogue won’t stop playing in game. I hope as my corpses rot and I re-equip she will not shut up. As of now the dialogue, the entire thing, out loud, repeats over and over. even tho I have respawned at my base and am no where near the dungeon. I still get the dialogue. >< shadddup

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1.entered dungeon twice
2.died two times
3.witch queen will not stop talking
4.please shut her up

Firstly, we need more details for this to be a useful bug report. All that stuff up at the top–Game mode, Type of issue, Server type, etc? That’s important. Fill that in/select the appropriate option. Otherwise you’re just spitting into the wind.

Secondly, have you tried quitting the game & reloading? Does it persist after restarting the game and/or server reset?

I said right at the top SINGLE PLAYER.

Type of issue? Read my post.

Server type? As originally stated SINGLE PLAYER.

Yes, I quit the game, came back, and she was still talking.

Now you have almost all of the info I originally provided with the exception of quitting and restarting. You are the one spitting in the wind not me. Try reading.

Quoted from your initial post. My apologies for trying to offer constructive feedback–or helping you with your problem. I assure you, it won’t happen again.

Oh, and try reading.

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There was nothing constructive. Just because I didn’t answer the ABC form doesn’t mean I didn’t provide information. But, once again, thanks for nothing.

And no where do I see that you are a moderator or anything else on this forum soo… STFU. I provided information on a situation, which actually happened to me again today, and all the info is provided right there. So, you try reading again.

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