[Solved] Level 80 bundle

Funcom #1125244
Funcom #1125283

Can someone from support please view these tickets. I purchased the Ultimate Level 80 Bundle on Steam, added the key to my Funcom account, but I am still not getting the option to create a level 80 character. I have tried multiple times. I also purchased a monthly subscription, to see if that would fix it, but that didn’t work either.

Thank you

How far through character creation did you get? The level 80 option normally only shows right at the end, before the beach cutscene starts.

Customer Support wait times could be up to a couple months.

I tried a lot of suggestions, none of them worked. Not sure if the key got added correctly, but it won’t let me use it again without an error.

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I tried again just now. It showed the option to create a level 80, I hit Esc to make a change and now the option is gone. :frowning:

Well, that is odd and unfortunate. I guess you’ll just have to wait.

Are you trying to create it as an unconquered character? The option is disabled for unconquered, this might be why. If that’s not the case you’ll have to wait for customer support to assist you and please keep in mind creating duplicate tickets will not speed up the process.


Thank you! Got my level 80. w00t!



well, it is so obvious that level 50/80 char creations are not compatible with unconquered mode that I thought you didn’t try to do that !


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