Some 3 headed bosses are killing my companion with 2-3 hits

the Champion, two 3 headed Skeletons, the wolrd boss in the wine cellar… they all kill my companions with 2-3 hits. I am playing this game since 2018 on the ps4, but i have never had such a problem with bosses. Well, i hoped that the last update would change that, but this problem is still there.

i am playing on the Ps4 on server #3055 and thats just one problem. there are much more. Since age of sorcery there are much more bugs.


Currently, Arena Champion hits hard enough to bring any thrall to the brink of death, or kill them. Best to avoid her and only farm armor scraps off Warmaker’s Champion.
The rest however, can be beaten by Thugra, Cannibal Brute, or Ritualist. Give them the usual level twenty, epic armor, legendary mace, and run through the Wine Cellar with them.


thats because the developers decided itd be funny to make the only thing that the game is unique for, worse.

Did you seriously recommend a player use Thugra and Brutes for Warmakers and the Wine Cellar? You’re trolling, right?

Until the next update, this can be seen as a solid choice to beat wine cellar. However, it’s highly likely that Funcom will nerf these thralls in the upcoming update (chapter 2).

Tbh, hard to say. I lost a level 18 brute to the hammer skeleton the other day. She did quite a bit of damage, but her reaction time wasn’t always great so she’d pause between combos and the skeleton would hit her a few times. I tried to jump in and help, but just wasn’t fast enough. I got hit in the process and had to roll away. She beat it once, but the second fight against it, she wasn’t so lucky.

I lost a level 20 Dalinsia, well armored (not as well as she should’ve been, but still in end-game armor, food, potions, and weapon). Those skeletons are hitting really hard; they’re not just for the Thrall to handle on their own anymore. My tip is: Initiate the first attacks yourself, then let your Thrall finish the job. This way, the undead targets your character initially, while your Thrall starts attacking without taking any damage yet.


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