Some aesthetic and immersive improvements

I recently bought the DLCs and there is something that I don’t quite like, nothing important but I think it could be better implemented. It’s about the special mounts and I just don’t see much point in that, for example, to turn a pet rhino into a trader rhino you have to feed it a special food before putting it into the world. The reasonable thing would be that he could create that equipment at the saddle making table. This also happens if I want a black or white horse or if I want to equip a panther, a tiger or whatever with a different look. I mean, if you’re going to transform a creature into something else like the undead horse from the battle pass… I understand the procedure of creating it with a special food or something but to give it an appearance that is based on armor or something … No. And even if it’s about creating an undead horse, I can think of better ways… a few days ago my horse died… What if you could interact with the dead horse to make it undead?

Another thing is about zombies. It would be great if they kept some of the way they looked before we converted them instead of being a generic skin. And the interesting thing about this is that this is already in the game: when we steal a character’s soul we see how it is consumed until it is left in a mummified state. Couldn’t they look like that when they come out of the grave as zombies?

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