Some basic single player Meteorite questions

Single player scenario:

So I know the wiki says that there is a 75% chance of Meteors on server start… Does the game skip this check when you start the game in single player?
Many seem to say that you have to wait for maybe 90 minutes for it to spawn. (It checks every 30 min, adding 2% each time)(no meteors before 90 min check = 79% chance)

Does location matter for it to do the check and spawn Meteorites? I remember seeing a post saying that for an online server to spawn meteorites, there has to be a player in an area where the meteor shower is visible for them. Other players can log on whenever and take spawned meteorites of course.
If location matters, does it spawn naturally if you are close to the frost temple, or does it only happen there using the admin powers in that case?

One “Meteorite map landing spot map” labeled the meteorites with letters to know which ones spawned together. Does that really mean that they spawn together in certain patterns? Can I use that map, match it with one meteorite, and suddenly know the location of every other meteorite that spawned together with it?

Mass Cull gathers with the power of steel tooles. Lower than the minimum requirement tool for harvesting Star Metal. I assume that just means it will yield slightly less ore for each node compared to any other tool for Star Metal.

I assume my best chance for a meteorite is to stay sheltered in a hut for a couple of hours, so the meteors can spawn. Meteorites stay for almost 4 hours before despawning, so it’s not like I need to be present for the Meteor Shower.


i think single player works differently, because the rest of the world is essentially asleep except where your player is at
so i think you need to hang out in the area, whereas on a server it will happen even if noone is online
the meteorite “shooter” has lines that point in directions, the meteors will shoot along those lines but it’s not guaranteed they will land exactly where that map says they will, there is gonna be some variation
if you are playing single player on PC there is a good meteor mod by Xevyr, Steam Workshop::Reliable Meteor Showers (by Xevyr)
it will speed up the possibility of a shower but not overload the map with meteor cuz it caps if a shower occurs based on number of meteors currently on the ground. so it is by no means a free star metal cheat code, but i would recommend it for single player mode, as it makes meteors more reliable. hence the name of the mod :slight_smile:

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Good info about the direction and lines that the meteors travel along.
I meteor just spawned while I was waiting in a shed outside the Frost Temple. Waiting AFC does seem the best method without Mods, though it took 2 hours. And there is no guarantee that a Meteor lands close enough for you to see it. The places they can land is huge, so I had to do a run around to check if any had spawned periodically… Now I know that the Frost Temple are where they often land is a viable waiting area.

I think the best way for solo players is to log in in the north so they can see the Meteor event. Then they leave the game for 2 hours and do a sweep of the most common locations that Meteors land when they return. Meteors despawn after almost 4 hours, so it might not be a perfect strategy to leave the game on while sleeping. After a successful Meteor shower, the % chance is reduced to 0%. Unlike the 75% chance you start with when logging in.
(Place bed and keep sheltered to not starve/ spawn away from the area)

Can also confirm that Meteors does not De-Spawn if you travel to the other side of the map in Single Player. It’s stored in memory somewhere. That was also a worry I had.

I also saw that the meteors did not land in a pattern group that was on the Meteor map, despite one of the landing spots matching. The patterns are fairly random I think. The map indicates that their meteor groups landed in a very scattered manner across the north, so unless you see the meteors fall, it’s basically a scavengers hunt across the hotspots. With a good chance of finding one once they’ve spawned I might add.

Cheapest way to crack them open: Demon-fire Orb. Star Metal can be acquired after lvl 15 + any tier Alchemist. (Required High Tier Tools are now available in chests in the Forbidden City and Frost Temple)

Most of my questions are now answered, but I still wonder if the first check for meteors happen after 30 min and not on startup.

In single player on PC, if you want meteors to spawn to just get on with life, make yourself admin, hit ~ to bring up console and type:

datacmd meteor spawn


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That’s good to know. Generally when I want to get on with life in singleplayer, I’ll just spawn the bars via admin panel :crazy_face:

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If you build something near the “crest” and start farming the Cimmerian village eventually you’ll have your spawns, since they start from this point and spread to the mountains. Then again you can always lvl up thralls to the eyelet lake starting from the frost needle forest. This area is pure gold if you know your enemies.


As a Single-Player, I always build a base just east of Mounds of the Dead - just south of where the southernmost meteors fall, so not within danger zone. Then I just do stuff in or around my base, such as some friendly exchange of blows with my neighbors, harvesting materials, crafting, etc. until I hear the telltale explosions of a meteor shower. Then I go look around for a bit, harvest whichever meteors I can find, and get back to doing whatever.

I don’t get chests overflowing with the ore this way, but I get enough for my needs, and I never need to go out of my way to find star metal.


After 30 minutes, there is no check occurring on startup.

And like @RagnarRandom explained, in single player you have to be in the meteor spawn area, otherwise the actor in the sky that spawns them is not created (that’s what keeps track of the timer).
Their location is also slightly random like Ragnar said, they’re being shot from the sky in a slightly randomized general direction and the projectiles line-trace to the surface of the landscape and spawn the harvestable nodes there.

So if you play single player, then the 30 minute timer starts when you actually get close enough to that zone, while on a dedicated server this is not necessary and you can just randomly travel up there and find meteors if the server has been running for a while.

Keep in mind that any unharvested meteors despawn after ~4 hours, so even if you keep a server running, there’s a chance you won’t find meteors when you go there and they will certainly not keep accumulating the longer you have it running.


In a single player game there are usually no problems with meteorites. Even if you are far away, you can soon observe their fall.
At one time I had a base southeast of the Dead Mounds, near the King`s Niche. And from the balcony one could see meteorite falls far to the north.
There are no problems at all on Siptah. Almost always, when you come to the area of ​​the Accursed camp, to the North-West of the Tower, meteorites are already lying in large quantities, just go up and collect…

From the info I’ve gathered, it’s not so common for everyone in single player

Anyone who has a base around the south of Mounds of the Dead up to the Frozen Temple won’t have an issue with Star Metal. They are within viewing distance of the meteorite event which is required. If you live in the 80% rest of the map, the meteorites won’t spawn at all. You have to visit the general area of the map and stay until the game does a check for spawning the event. Then if it doesn’t spawn, you wait 30 min more. Only those who has bases far away struggles with these meteorites as they play most of the game outside the event area. And I’m guessing that Isle of Sipta has a much bigger part of the map that allows you to view the meteorites fall. I don’t have Sipta though so I wouldn’t really know.
Though when meteorites spawn, they stay for roughly 4 hours regardless of how far away the player walks.

You must resist the admin panel! Temptation is too high!


It’s 2 different games entirely. Creative mode is something you must not resist, it’s something everyone should do, it’s simply fantastic. Unfortunately on the other hand, single player performs excellent in the battle part, but it has major issues on the rest of the game.
If i start naming the issues it will take me a lot.
There for, using wisely the admin panel is the correct way to play unfortunately on single player. There’s nothing to resist, just release the frustration nothing else.
If they make the game flawless, then they can give us a hard core option and trust me, many will play in this option. It’s a role play game, death should matter.

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I’ve played single player/coop almost exclusively since 2018~, and I haven’t used creative mode a single time. And yes, I build a lot too :slight_smile:

As for a “hardcore mode”, I’m fairly certain that EEWA adds an option for that!

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Use it fellow exile, you don’t know what you’re missing. Amazing experience.

I use creative mode all the time… but I call it the “devkit” :stuck_out_tongue:


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