Some bugs after Patch✌

Game mode: Official Server
Type of issue: Crash | Bug/Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Using Black Rhino Soup don’t give any bonus on Encumbrance.
Elixir of Numbing dont give bonus on Encumbrance.
Gold lotus potion don’t heal anymore.
Preservation Box: If u put something in the preservation box all things inside have no expiration time.
Claws of Jhebbal have 10 min timer.
Event-Log reset after relog and after some playtime.
Some Dungeon-Bosses dont fight. Gorilla and Endboss don’t fight.

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Preservation box isn’t a bug. from patch notes:


  • Preservation box’s inventory space is increased. Food will not decay in them if there’s ice in the box

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