Some bugs and issues in 3.0

A few bugs I’ve encountered.
Playing single player, day/night cycle x0,1, other settings default.

  • there is no Loot All (F key while looking at it) interaction with some containers (ie. chests)

  • picked up short spears do not stack with equipped ones

  • description of the Skelos Cultist Master scroll is about Khari weapon

  • looting sorcerers gives you way too much Skelos Cultist Armor recepis as well as Dead Sorcerer’s Maps

  • respawn rate of human NPC (and probably other creatures) is insanely fast while thralling - if you get an unconscious NPC to the WoP, Grave or Sac. Stone all of the NPC respawn (I live across the road of Asurites cave, so the trip takes me less than the minute)

  • there are some tryple gazelles spawning near that cave

  • while having 4th corrupted perk in authority, your spawned demons attack NPC’s you might want to knock out

  • your followers attack spawned demons

  • Undead Fog spell does not spawn undead

  • Detect Sorcery does not detect NPC Sorcerers, nor sorcery related crafting stations

  • I have double Tome of Kurak recepie - one regular and one of the first level - compliting the first level one unlocks next spells and persists as a recepiee

  • Tome’s description does not expand as you level it (it used to do after first few upgrades, than it went back to the original one)

  • After using Yelow Lotus Potion, I’ve lost current Tome of Kurak recepie (still could craft the basic one → after doing so, the double recepie bug came back)

  • I can’t move Thaumaturgy Bench - even after emptying it of everything

  • If your corruption level is cured to the maximum and you’ve got max health, dancers seams to be adding corruption

  • After clicking to craft sacrificial blood flask notification pops up "This item cannot be moved)

  • In the Knowledge tab there is typo in Abyssal Call description

  • In the same tab, the icon of Dettect Resources is replaced by Slow Fall

  • After selecting placeble to move there seems to be no way to cancel it other than moving outside the range

  • After stacking two partlu broken Javalines, they merge into one, slightly less damaged

  • also - I can’t pick Testlive tag

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because we have a whole section for it:

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