Some bugs and overtuned items ingame that stops the PvP from happening

Hello. I’ve played conan exiles for a while and this game has come far in a positive way.

But there are some issues that needs to be adressed very swiftly. I’m aware there is more but I will only name these for now:

  1. Glitching

People can glitch through hills/cliffs (I won’t say how and where to produce this glitch) which allows players to have 100% safe bases.

There’s also a way to use emotes ingame and get stuck in these emotes, allowing people to use weapons while doing the “emotes” all the time, which gives them the advantage of being unreadable during pvp.

  1. Bugs

The 24/7 perma god shield bug is back. It’s been more than 36h for almost every godshield in our server. It stops me and many others from raiding each other. Hillbases biggest enemy is trebuchets, but how am I going to fight them if the bugs cover them and make them completely safe? Very unfair. Needs to be fixed (again) asap

  1. Overtuned items such as the Vault and Silent leg armor

The vault, while I understand is supposed to be this item that allows a good safety for items, is currently very cheap to make (spammable), has a LOT of hp (600k) and orbs don’t stack on them anymore. Avatars can’t even put a dent to T2-3 structures, so vault is like stepping on a lego for them, they can’t deal with it.

So what is the point of raiding when everyone has like 10 vaults around their tiny box base that has nothing, just laying there in the open, completely safe.

My suggestion is to either cap it to 1 per clan or make it way more expensive.

Silent legion armor
While wearers of this armor is not unkillable, it offers too much protection that makes every other alternative gear useless. Trading is in silent legs favor. Everything is in silent legs favor. Not using this armor for pvp is simply just handicapping yourself.

My suggestion is to drop the armor value by perhaps 200, putting it slightly above the armor value of flawless heavy armor or reintroduce the fact you need black hearts to make the armor pieces aswell as it used to be.

Other than that, as much as the server stability needs to be adressed which you guys are working on, dear funcom, these issues should also have priority.

Feel free to agree/disagree and comment below.

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I have to agree with some of these points.

The vault needs to be much more limited in use
I like the idea of having a limit of one per tribe but there are ways to cheat that such as leaving a guild making a vault and rejoining to increase the number of them.

I think the best way to deal with them are a series of changes.
Make them more expensive.
Make God’s tear them apart
Make them unrepairable.
Readd stacking dot damage to some degree

As for the armor I think a bunch of gear just needs some tuning and the silent gear is definitely in that batch

The glitching into places to make bases is fustrating but I don’t see it as two big a deal because you can counter that. One example is we had a person glitch into a hill to build a base so when he went offline we build a spike wall surrounded by archers and t-3 walls so he could not get out. It was expensive but it made a point :grin:

Your counter sounds very creative, another reason I love this game. But it is not a fix i am afraid, not a solution but a bandaid fix made by the players. Cheers to you for that though, sounds lovely.

I agree that funcom needs to get better but they have answered in other threads on this same topic it’s being worked on but not an overnight fix.

My biggest reason for running my own truthfully as well is that on a single payment game official servers will never live long term it’s just not financially stable for a company to do many other games have been removing them so you need to rely on hosts eventually.

I do hope they fix it for you soon though

Yes, these make it especially tough to stick through on the Official servers. As long as everybody plays nice, then it’s alright, but there are of course bad apples who will wreck the experience.

PvP just isn’t tuned correctly right now, which means that players have to be ‘good sports’ to facilitate a fun experience for everyone. This means restraining yourself from using game mechanics like vaults, which is ridiculous.

While I disagree with OP that this “stops the PvP from happening” (it still happens, and can be very fun regardless), I certainly think that there is more balancing that needs to be done.

Silent leg armor is 78% mitigation iirc, other epic heavy sets are 74%, ur complaining about 4% less dmg taken?


Currently in my server, nobody takes the initative to raid each other. Because everyone has vaults and perma godshields.

It’s all a big stalemate, there is no gain from it. Best pvp you can get right now is fighting outside. But everyone is so rich nobody needs to head out. There are no resources being used, no resources being lost.

We are burn out 4 or 5 vaults in our server (#1111). I definitely not to see any problem with them. Vaults work fine.

We are on regular basis kill ppl in Legion (we are prefer light/medium types of armor). Can’t get why you are ask to nerf it.

If you have permanent godshields - it should be fixed.

Redrick… you are the only Player which find the Vaults good so… tell us your great secret to destroy a vault so easy ! Normal way you need 85 Explosives or hundreds of Jar Orbs and many time… thats no relation to blew up an empty claiming Vault !!!

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I agree with you LoneWolf ! On our Server make PVP no fun… People claiming the hole map with Vaults, godshield unlimited… and Opern PVP ? 2 Clans Nig…w… and Wol… of … using now the damage exploid with the kingslayer … 2 Hits on a Legionarmor and you are dead !!! So… Server 1110 is absolutly broken with the claiming idiots and Vaultsspammer !!!

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