Some bugs report with some wildlife or pet

  1. Black Yeti as pet - It is way too weak as a pet especially with its attack damage. It does not even do combo or throwing damage that wild one does. It does not even have high defense ability or HP to be balanced compared to other greater pets. I am pretty sure this is not intended, and something must went wrong with this pet for coding. You guys really have to check out this pet Black Yeti. I absolutely see no reason at all to get this pet by spending a Heart of the Sands from Hanuman cave by only 20% chance to get one.

  2. Rock Slide as world boss in wildlife (the biggest one) - I believe it has some bugs with damage when it does a sweeping combo. Players or thralls or pets continuously get damaged and lose HPs even during when the Rock Slide does not actually hit with the combo. I surely think this boss has to be fixed with its sweeping combo that cause damage even when it does not hit.

  3. Wolf Cub in wildlife - Even though baby animals are just for grabbing for tame, I do not see why the wolf cubs have same amount of HPs as full grown wolves. As I am pretty sure that these wolf cubs were coded wrong, I am still gonna report this.

  4. White Rhino - Currently, they rarely randomly just appear in the Grey Rhinos spawning points. I remember when White Rhinos had constant spawning points and also had same amount of stats like Black Rhinos do in the beta. I am pretty sure this one also was touched wrong with the code. It even has same stats as Grey Rhinos as both wildlife and pet right now, which shouldn’t be. I know a lot of people won’t care about this tiny problem, but it’s totally feel like the game is unfinished whenever I see this kind of thing in the game. For additional suggestion other than reporting bugs, I would say why not allowing to make Rhino Head Soup with White Rhino Head from our stoves as well if you guys are able to fix this bugged creature.

  5. Salamander Hatchling in wildlife - It is currently sharing spawning points with full grown Salamanders in Jungle Biome. Since every other baby animals have their own spawning points in the map, I do not see the spawning points with Salamander Hatchling was intended. It is hard to find a Salamander Hatchling in the spawning points since they have much lower chance to spawn than fully grown ones. These hatchlings should have it’s own spawning points, and I do believe they used to have it years ago, but somehow, they must be coded wrong after some recent patches.

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