Some considerations about Mounts

Well its a old question, who persists since EA, and a big part of community remember and still wants, and it is Mounts, the last official word, was that it not where happen cause of thechinical insues due the increasment of speed, and that it were have problems to render bases and other itens, however we seing some ambitious mods adding this feature, even in early stage, but well then are getting closer to make it happen, so why FUNCOM can’t at least consider the fact, enter in contact with modders, and finaly bring this feature who many wants and who even was in idea of own developers, since we can see official videos and images with horses alredy done.


Ive always wondered why Funcom doesnt just add mounts under the pretenses of moving at normal sprint speed as not to fall through maps at high speeds, but with no stam drain so its just a consistent sprint. It will still get people where theyre goin’ faster, due to not having to stop for stam regen ever 45 seconds, but also not moving too fast as to break the map. I mean i dont know jack about coding so its probably still a pain to get done, but hey that would eliminate the number one problem that they have with adding mounts. I dont need to move at mach 3 across the map, just normal sprint speed without constant stopping is good enough for me tbh

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I agree these posts, also it would be great to know about the loading issue map has so we can make new maps, maybe we could get intel how should new maps be made so the issue is fixed in new upcoming maps.
Tutorials of how to make maps the right way ?
It would breath new life to Conan like it did with Ark.

Because it looks silly for big creatures to run that slowly. The map also doesn’t lend itself well to mounts - the desert maybe, but places like the Mounds or the Jungle would be pointless, unless you wanted to end up with Skyrim’s Spider-Man horses.

This game doesn’t need mounts, and there’s many things I’d rather those development resources - both past and future - were spent on (such as City Life).

Then there’s the whole tricky thing of mounted combat - not an easy thing to get right by any means (one of the few things wrong even with The Witcher 3).


Because the ability to sprint without stamina drain would be very, very strong.

Mind you, I’d love better logistical solutions to the game. I try to build most of my bases within a reasonable distance from obelisks, but I still spend more time than I’d like running to bases that are far out. In all games I try to unlock fast travel options as soon as possible, so I’d love more options for Conan Exiles too.

But I want it done properly and professionally. If they give me a horse, I don’t want it to look like a derpy Baywatch David Hasselhoff slo-mo run. If they give me a donkey cart, I might consider replacing my bearer thrall. If they give me a dragon, I’ll poke it in the face with a poisoned spear and let it break its skull on a tree.

For those who think Funcom shouldn’t waste time for this were only asking :

The mount assets they allready have for modders and intel about map loading issue with mounts so we can make better custom maps.

That shouldn’t be too hard ?

They have map room no need for mounts and they have stated they will not be implementing mounts now or ever. There is absolutely no need for mounts as you can travel the entire map in 20 mins one side to the other less with map rooms placed in the correct positions.

To be honest, spending 20 minutes just running from one place to another isn’t interesting or fun. My main cimplaint with some otherwise great JRPGs is the amount of running around from one place to another. Many of us have a limited time to play, and I’d rather not spend that time just getting ready to play tomorrow.

Strategically placed map rooms help a lot, this is true. Still, the distance from the nearest obelisk to the point of interest I want to visit may take 10 minutes of boring running.


I never liked the obelisk system. It always reminds me of my hopes for mounts and that they will not make it into the game.

To all those who claim we don’t need mounts; in my opinion this is one of the missing limbs of this game together with city life and the promised siege weapons.

Adding mounts would also help to create an endgame in PvP, because right now everyone is pretty much running around in the best possible gear from day one on a server. There is almost no differentiation between rich and poor clans.

A teleportation system is really lame and drains the game of restrictions to base building locations, because now all resources are almost equally easy to reach from any spot on the map.

Really a sad story and it doesn’t make it any better for the people who funded the great EA success that this is due to the limitations of console hardware, which they don’t even use.

Seriously, can anyone show me a reproducible case of falling under the map with accelerated speed on any PC? I have tried on a very old notebook even at 10x speed and it still remains a mystery to me. Even more so there was a bug that allowed players to boost their speed and none of the described problems occured along with it.

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Probably not, it appears to be mainly a console problem, but that doesn’t really change anything - it has to work on all platforms or not at all. Anyway, for me it doesn’t really matter if it works well or not, it’s simply not needed. In a perfect world where a good mounted combat system could also be added, then mmmmaybe I could see some value. But mounts for their own sake (solely for transportation), no - that remains a pointless addition IMO.

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Thats why some of us are asking the assets for modders so its PC only mod

And if you don’t need it it doesn’t mean someone else can’t have it or need it in some new upcoming maps

I don’t have the slightest problem with anything that happens in a mod. Players can, and should, do whatever the hell they like in a mod, that’s what mods are for after all! But it should in no way be part of the base game, unless they plan to develop it into a full feature (which they don’t). That’d just be a waste of development resources.

As for them giving away assets they have created but decided not to use - by all means ask, I have no idea what their policy is, and it’s no skin off my nose either way, but that’s not what I’ve been arguing against is it?

I would be very careful about using that ‘M’ word around here peoples. As I have shown in a video in this thread, (@Ignasi should we combine them?) it has become a something of a bad word which may lead to ‘bad’ things happening.

Hey there,

We’re going to reiterate that if/when mounts are coming to the game, we’ll be happy to share the details about it. Until then, there is not much else for us to share about it, sorry. :slight_smile:

nice, so how about the intel about map making so it will work with mounts, mods or otherwise ?

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