Some dreams are weird


So, I had a dream where I clicked on a SWL shortcut to run a launcher but instead it exploded right on my desktop with awesome boom-effects and the game deleted itself.
Do you think it is a sign? :kissing:


What date did your computer clock say? Maybe it couldn’t take the awesomeness of Season 2. :joy:


It was an elaborate troll from the Dreaming Ones


I’m sorry, I was busy drinking my frappe with cyanide so I didn’t payed attention to what time is there. :coffee:
Yep, that’s a part of a dream as well. :smiley:


Hmmmmm… you have either been playing too much SWL, or watching too much Star Trek…


I had one where I was standing in front of everyone in Agartha naked.

Wait… :thinking:


@Pilgrimm No way, for the last month all my activity in SWL was daily login. And for me it’s not Trek but Wars.

@Taima It was a prophetic dream!