Some Halloween Pics

Hi, I enjoyed the Halloween event but like many, found it a bit long. I took some time to take some screens around my buildings with the new lighting.

The blue hue didn’t bother me much. I found it to be bright enough in the desert but extremely dark during sandstorms. I tried the night vision potion and didn’t like the effect. The effect became very bright and almost pastel like when the potion wore off. First person mode reverted back to the “normal” Halloween lighting but 3rd person was too bright for my liking. It did make for some interesting screenshots and I have included some that contrast the difference between 1st and 3rd person after the night potion effects wore off. I found re-logging took care of the bright effect in 3rd person:

Here are some contrasts of 1st vs 3rd person view after the night potion wore off:

Conan%20Exiles_20181105151822|690x388 !
Conan%20Exiles_20181105151951|690x388 Conan%20Exiles_20181105152131 Conan%20Exiles_20181105152153 Conan%20Exiles_20181105152324

I would love to see some others!

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