Some helpful minor additions/changes

  1. Allow any pre-placed crafting benches, Wells, maprooms ECT. To be useable by players (Like the Archive maproom or benches in New Asgarth) You would only be able to use or craft recipes you have already learned through the Feat tree) I think this would help the world feel more immersive and better players overall game experience

  2. Change Poisons - Let players either put poisons on their toolbar like arrows, or possible increase the Max charges from 10 to 20 or 30 ( each poison would still only apply 10 charges so you’d be able to apply 2-3 applications at once)

  3. Please Funcom, examine and discuss making some changes to the climbing feature - Climbing is one of my favorite things in Conan because you never know what you’ll find or if you can even climb to some places. With the Warmaker patch climbing overall feels more buggy than it previously did.

  4. Add a “Quiver” slot to our equipment screen that can only hold Arrows that might reduce arrow weight to 0 and have more carrying capacity depending on quality of the item

  5. Rework Pet/Thrall A.I. - please please pleeease? Often times pets and thralls won’t attack or defend or stutter when using certain weapons, they still often bug through the floor or don’t follow you ECT.

  1. I like this idea. Maybe not every station you run across, but something a kin to the Well Forge, ar Frost temple Forge. Maybe the cities have areas that have stations that can craft flawless epic special gear of +2 in each attribute, along with wepaons, potions, etc, depending on the city. Example below.
    Sept. City—New Cold Resist version +10 Accuracy Relic Hunter
    Mounds—New Cold Resist +10 Enc version of Medium
    Derketo----New Heat Resist version +10 Agility of Reptilian
    Asagarth—New Heat Resist version +10 Grit of Vanir Heavy

  2. Don’t like the idea of stacking so much poison at once. It should not be so easy to keep applying it. Plus, there are Venom infused weapons of the main meta types, so redundant mechanic that makes those useless completely because of there damage values compared to other legendaries.

  3. Agreed. It is extremely buggy when navigating multipe tight ridges/lips.

  4. If it is just one slot, then possible (maybe more like 25% weight). But that would mean that the bow draws from there. Many archers carry preloaded bows of multiple arrow types. And stock their inventory (arrows are used up from inventory first on PS4, so you don;t even need them in hot bar once equipped with bow). Do not know how this would effect that set-up.

  5. This is on the to do list. They are looking at expanding the AI i believe as well, hence the level at the top of thralls (all are level 0 for now).

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