Some ideas and issues unresolved to help the game

This game has and needs more map but also they should either give way more slots for the servers 70 just ain’t enough to have a purpose in ranks and clan leaders and stuff like that go into rp like what’s a point to rank a 6 person clan if we wanna spend to have 100 slot server we should still don’t seem enough and I know people say it has to do with memory or ram or lag but if they develop it to withstand it would be better. Or better yet turn the servers into a big mmo where everyone is on one big giant server like elder scrolls online and it doesn’t m matter how many slots are on a server just matters what server your connected to like eso. Where you can run into millions of people on a server just slow down the food and water consumption cause it’s way to quick to be out on normal settings. Keeps you tied up more on that right off and turns people’s heads to early.

Another idea is we need to have a self ranking system to where we can create our own ranks and levels of authority in each clan and for it to show with our name above each character or the option for it to show make sure ranks either no limit or limit at least 15 .

Need more admin abilities when admin like when I make neutral cities for the servers I can’t put no nonviolent thralls in cause the behavior part of where you drop thralls in thru admin doesn’t work now can’t put passive or run when hit or any of those they just see someone and attack.

Need the ability as admin to build under admin and it not show as a clan built structures so that all clans are welcome to those places cause anything built in admin should be something for the whole server not just a certain clan with admin powers there’s needs to be an option to click and when your building a neutral area for added content for servers to click a admin build status so whatever clan the admin is in those buildings won’t show ownership to that clan when it’s meant for neutral status.

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