Some ideas i have

I really liked when you made the new combat system, but the dogde function is removeing the barbarian style of combat. At the moment it feels like everybody roll on the ground like crazy… i mean what kind of epic battleing is that?

Maybe, make it possible to use both roll and sidestep. Sidestep as a low stamina cost and rolls as a last way out, in other word 1-2 rolls = stamina empty.

The second suggestion.

Make more options for offical. Like higher xp highers harvest or make servers that wipes often. Always nice with a fresh start and no laggs. (Current playing on private servers)
But whould be awesome if there were more options to choose in the offical server world.

Third suggestion.

Make a vualt max, im not a coder. But whould be awesome if vaults worked i little like bedrolls.
Lets say max is 4 and if you building the 5th vualt the first vualt gets removed, this is to stop all the vault spamming

first time i post here, hopefully someone feel the same like i do

I really like the idea of different official servers. Another game I play has servers geared towards different play styles and the players love the choices. It is hard to feel confident in player hosted servers, ever though many of them may in fact be more reliable than Funcom hosted servers.


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