Some ideas I think you would like and would be AWESOME!

II have been enjoying your game for quite a while now. Done PVP, and PVE and have some suggestions that shouldn’t hurt either for balance, depending on implementation of course.

  1. Allow us to put the stat set on the armor that we want! I would be completely satisfied if this were restricted to crafted armors only.

We want our characters to look a certain way. It helps us like your game. Allow us to simply apply the stat bonus we need to look good and work with our spec. I am not suggesting anything game breaking here. just give us flexibility.

  1. I want to be able to select which dance my dancers are dancing.
    What if they don’t know a dance? I could I teach it to them! Just completely sick of them dancing the same dance day in day out.

  2. I would love to see blunt lances, for knocking out thralls.
    Remember that if PVP players get knocked out, they can simply kill themselves to escape and it is no different than a regular lance at that point.

  3. Give giant size thralls (Giants, Yeti, others?) the ability to either gain or have a perk where they are able to throw boulders/stones.
    You would equip them with stone and they would use it as ammo for range attacks. This could even be implemented for NPC enemies. When you are huge, picking up a head sized rock and throwing it at something seems a completely viable option, and it would be awesome. It would have to be balanced of course but even if weak it would be awesome.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you like my suggestions and I hope you pick them up as ideas for your game. Take care



I really like your number 1 suggestion and would go as far as to extend this to heat or cold resistance. It would be nice if we were able to enchant any craft able armor with heat or cold resistance and with the stat buff of our choice. I think this would actually lead to people wearing a much wider variety of armor because you could finally wear the armor you want and get the buffs you want. I do recognize a possible PvP concern as you would not get any hint from the armor what the persons build is, but personally i think their attack style gives it away. PvPers feel free to crucify me for my ignorance, I’m more an RP player/builder.

Suggestion 2: Yes, I’ve been wanting this for a long time.

Suggestion 3: I think it would be cool, but not high on my priority list.

Suggestion 4: Would be cool, but I think may be difficult to balance/ implement. Again not high on my list.

Great ideas though!

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