Some ideas / Whish list ;)

Here i make some of my suggestions how improve game (sorry for bad eng)

  1. Crafting
  • Add Improved Carpenter’s Bench - this is most of important station to make building part’s, crafting arrows and improved version of other station have more slot’s. Maybe craft better arrows on this station (or new)?
  • Salvage station - can deconstruct item’s to maybe 1/4 they cost? like iron sword - 4 iron bar, steal swrod - 3 steal
  • Training combat station (archer/warrior) - you can train here Thrall from tier one to two and up and have % chance to make him tier 4 (named?)
  • sacrifice altar - “salvage” :wink: npc thrals (tokens) like armorer and other for faith (more for priest grade in station)
  1. Combat
  • Drain stamina when draw weapon or change. Maybe change hight lvl perk to drain less? or draining more for 2h weapon.
  • Quick slots. Like thralls have slots for weapon. In this slot’s when player draw weapon (maybe button X) they don’t lose stamina. Maybe in future make weapons in this slot visual (like spear on back, sword/mace on hips)
  • sharp arrow’s. arrows making bleed/more armor penetration
  • corrosion arrow, make more dmg to armor durability
  • Crossbow (i know you don’t want to add this, but maybe in future)
    • always reload when you draw from slot (to avoid fast shot when you have more in other slots)
    • slow reload but more dmg
    • “power” or aim shot on RMB, normal shot on LMB.
    • less dmg than bow, but more armor penetration
    • faster bolt speed then arrow.
    • more dmg to shield durability when block.
    • no special bolt, like explosive arrow
  • New block mechanic. No foot kick when you have 2 hand weapon, but block animation. Cons? When you block weapon lost more durability (more when you block spear than 2h sword/hammer) ofc no block when we use daggers or ranged weapon.
  1. Items
  • Climbing rope & hook
  • Capes/rings - maybe in sorcerery system?
  • Improved elevator - crafting in improved carpenter, more durability and a bit faster then normal
  1. Npc + world boss-es
  • adding legendary armor set, to boss chest, ofc with drop % chance. Maybe better wersion of legion armor? more armor? stats?
  • adding Legendary armorer for pruge, to create legendary armor kit
  • add script for npc/boss bloking in water, to teleport from water to spawn point
  • less steal bar drop from new asagard other bioms
  • rare resources like dragon powder with additional chance to drop from boss chest
  • sack with more resource from npc in sepermentu for money
  • “buy” purge to other clans from npc for gold bar’s (this need new interface to choice clan)
  • random event’s. Like script adding chance to spawn mobs near player when is in sandstorm.
  1. Other
  • DLC with casual cloth/robes (good for RP)
  • Option to on/off Visiual clan name’s on characters
  • Option to on/off add flying chat text above character

Thx for reading, and again sorry for eng. I have some ideas for sorcerery system :stuck_out_tongue: but this maybe on another topic.


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