Some Issue I found during the game

Game mode: Online/Offline
Problem: Bugs
Region: All region

Found some bugs in the game… I will put all here :

  • Cannot put anything in Weapon/Shield display rack (works just fine before the huge update)

  • Cannot pickup Rocknose King head trophy display after putting them on the wall.

  • Sometimes wall cannot be put on certain place. Usually on top of left/right slopping inverted walls. I thought its because there’s is not enough foundation to support it, but I build my base symetrically, while the right side of the building of works just fine, the left mirror side is a problem…but when I change the wall below it to non-slopping inverted wall, it works just fine.

  • I kill so many Jaguar and Ostrich, almost wipe the species, but I still haven’t found any head of those animals.

Thank you.
Hope Dev will fix this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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