Some issues why i cant play this good game!

  • some thrals dissapper or under mash everytime!

why not claim them on a lil oberlisk withe a chain on there neck?
so the game know where to spawn them! and how far they can go and if he undermash u open
the oberlisk inventory and refresh all spawns.

same withe follower: just put ure follower in the inventory and he follow u or stand where u die in the dead body inventory and not undermash somewhere u need a admin.

  • the fight system is realy not so good as it could be.

thrals withe speer spam there stab atack and u could do nothin?! wtf!
if u lose controll by a hard hit, i understand it but not like it is now.

all u can do is spam ure attacks too… wtf? no skill need? realy boring…

if u go in a cave or fight in a base the enemys respawn bevor u can go out while u got a thrall to tame…
why not respawn when u leav the area?!

this are the main problems i got withe the game and why i cant enjoi it… :confused:

Thralls falling through the map is a big pain, I know they are working on it, but it’s really frustrating and there is no telling when it will be fully resolved

It was in a better state before.

You can dodge roll into attacking them. But yes, most PvE boils down to right click with 1h Axe into enemies.

You can take a look at how PvP gameplay looks like :smiley:

I love this argument. Especially since it’s so easy to prove wrong.

Take your granny, or a random person from the street, or your six-year-old niece, or whoever you know who hasn’t played the game before, and put them to fight the same enemies with the same character and the same gear as you. Or face them in PvP with similar levels and similar gear.

The skill cap in this game may not be as high as it is in some other games, but that does not mean skill has no effect.

If you’re just spamming right click then yes, there is no skill to it. Personally, I do not like taking damage to myself or my armor, so I move, roll, evade, and block. Theoretically I could just stand there and spam right click and heal pots until my stamina runs out, which does not take any skill.

The game is as fun as you make it.

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Story of my life… been addressing this for a few weeks now.

Who would you bet on winning the fight: the granny who has been taught to spam right click and healing potions, or the person who has played the game for months and moves, rolls, evades, blocks, etc.?

I’m reasonably certain we both agree that skill doesn’t matter only when neither party chooses to use their skill.

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