Some journey steps get stuck

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Issue Type: Some journey steps do not work
Game Mode: Online
Server Type: Official PVE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: Official #6057
Mods: No mods

Bug Description:

Some journey steps don’t trigger. For me an “uncounting” step is “Feed pet”. My clanmate got stuck on “Gather bark from trees” while I got this step without any problems. It looks like the only thing in common is switching between unfinished journeys. Some of them allow you to switch to and fro freely and some other just get stuck on some step.


Bug Reproduction:

  1. Select journey with pets.
  2. Proceed till “Place your pet” then switch to another journey (I don’t remember the exact journey I’ve selected).
  3. Return to previous journey and try to feed your clan pet with its favorite food. I tried to give stone to guarding Rocknose, honey and mountain berries to guarding Bear, then took another Bear on follow and gave it some honey too. I waited for server restart, took brand new Feral Dog from Animal Pen, placed it on the ground and put some Savoury Flesh into its inventory. No use, this journey got stuck.


Yeah Im not getting the journey step for killing an enemy with a bow. All the other parts of the journey step are working except for the last one.


And I’ve got this step easily with a couple of shots while my Thrall was killing something. Looks like not some specific step of the specific journey is bugged but the whole journey system fails under some circumstances.

I got stuck on this one too. I was trying to feed a lvl 8 Shaleback. I switched to another journey and went back to it later, when I’d tamed a new pet. Once I’d placed it and put food in its inventory, the step completed right away.


Sometimes it helps if you place meat (or other food) in pets intentory and then go down and press “use”.

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