Some minor or major suggestions

First and for most I really feel there should be a limit on how many foundations a player/clan should be able to lay down some servers take it to n extreme by placing foundations down all across the map limiting building area’s granted I see the strategy in it but I still don’t agree with it this would also limit how many fortifications a clan/player could build across the map which would be nice to see clans forced to strategically find a single location to hold down and defend verse them all over the map blocking off resources or viable land to build on. I’d also like to suggest the implementation of concealed trips like a tiger pit(pitfall trap) that can be hidden so if a player steps on it they fall in and potentially die. Or some more forms of defense against raiders intent on stealing your goods would be nice besides trap mines. I also feel the wood spike walls could do just a tad bit more damage right now there not even really a deterrent more then they are a brief nuisance.
I would also like to point out that your map markers should have there limits increase. I should be able to travel the entire map marking player based and resources spots without the fear of using them all up. If all the things mentioned above this should be one of the first things fixed/added. Also you should be able to share map information with your clan or even personal friends who are not in a clan because you both choose not to get involved in one.(mostly because you don’t want to lose your building to a clan in case of a falling out.) I would also and I know I’m probably asking to much but some of these items you should have the ability to move like the large chest and a few other odds and ends. You don’t want me moving the forge or other things that realistically wouldn’t be moved that fine but items like the carpenters bench or armor bench or chests and so on and so forth should be moveable even after there placement. There’s probably more I could suggest but I’ll leave it at this for now. Thanks for your time.

Hey Colonel,

i am sorry for your Experience with Clans blocking recources or shutting off good building spots. But in my Opinion it would be awful to get a restriction in how many you can Build. I understand your point of view and that it can be frustrating sometimes. But me and my Friends play on a Private-Server and would be horrible if we would get restricted in how much we can build on it. The pitfall Traps are a good idea even for purges. And with your property and the fact that you lose it if you leave a clan, they could maybe make an option for Boxes where you can define to whom these belong. Clan or Private for example. If you can reach your Box if you leave the clan is another problem.

Greetings Siebenhayn

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I see your point and offer a added suggestion as far as foundations go make it an option for private servers that can be toggled on or off. But force it in official servers. Best of both worlds. Private servers can continue as they are while official servers have to plan things out more and prevent players from doing the (I’ll leave this blank) move and stopping players from building in areas just because they don’t want them there. I’M not trying to start a war with a clan by destroying there useless land grabbing foundations just to build a house/fort in the chosen area. Not to mention it adds a bit more strategy to the game on where you build/where you clan mates build if you limit the amount one can build. But again private servers should indeed have the option to turn that off. Not to mention if you see some of these public servers 1-3 clans tend to own roughly 65-70% of the map blocking off resources and pathways to other areas. I see their strategy in it don’t get me wrong but it is still kind of to much to deal with on a official server.