Some missing items/ghosts

Some missing items/ghosts:

  • At the Harlot’s Journal #4, there’s the sound of a ghost, but no ghost. I guess there should be one, as the journal is near impossible to see without it.

Edit: False report. Had already picked it up apparently.

- Razma’s Journal #3 was missing in game. I went to the correct spot (wicker cage at the Corner of Bones), searched it top to bottom, ghosted through the terrain - nothing.

May add more stuff later.

Anything missing from your games?

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I keep finding the King Rhino legendary chest missing from its usual spot outside Sep City in my testlive G-Portal server.

Several of the Harlot’s ghost don’t show up. Aside from that one, the one further up the river at Deathwhisper Ruins is also missing and the one by the obelisk at the Sinkhole, as well.

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Edit: Razma’s Journal 3 is NOT missing. Had already picked it up, but misplaced it.

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