Some noob questions

I played the game at an early stage, it was fun but a bit too raw for my taste.
So now I came back, and much of the controls have changed; this can be a good thing, and I am sure it was made for the best, but some issues bother me.

  1. How do I access to meat, taken previously from beasts, in order to cook it on the firecamp? It appears as equipped (on the wheel), so I can eat it raw and poison myself…:frowning:
  2. Is the bedroll forever? I died and after resurrecting hurried to make anew bedroll, it says my previous one got removed.

tx for any help

You can open your wheel and place in fire pit. Yes your bed rol last forever unless you build and place another bedroll or someone destroys it.

So when you die you have 3 choices bed, bedroll or desert.

I don’t understand… when I make the fire pit it goes in the wheel to get placed, but then when I interact with the
fire pit, I can load wood but can’t see my meat in inventory.

  1. I tried to understand to help but i don’t get “the wheel” is it Xbox or so?
    Is this on Live or testlive? (as latest testlive seems to have this issue you express)
    ( Platform: PC Cannot cook meat )

  2. (Edit) Yes the bedroll is reusable these days as Tika tells us (thanks Tika).

Bedrolls are now reusable. You can only have one placed at a time, but so long as it is placed and not been destroyed, you can respawn as often as you like there. If you place a new bedroll, the first one is destroyed.

I am on PC, using keyboard and x-box controller. When I harvest the meat is plced among the equipped items, on a “wheel” using xbox controller, so I cannot use it for cooking.
I can’t play eating only insects!

You can’t drag it from the Hotbar to your inventory or campfire? (Use Mouse (as probably intended for PC?)perhaps)

Using controller, you open the fire inventory. Choose an empty slot. Hold left bumper to open wheel. Select the raw meat and press A to place it in fire

Same steps to place items from wheel in chests and crafting stations