Some of my mods!

Greetings Exiles. I have long been a fan of game modding since my earliest PC gaming days, building maps, rules and scenarios for Sid Meier’s Civilization II, or adding weapons and subclasses to Baldur’s Gate. If you come here from TESV: Skyrim, you may recognize me as the author of Follower Commentary Overhaul, a little mod which livened up your followers by making them comment on their surroundings or quest progress, a feature that Bethesda has since started building back into their games starting with Fallout 4. Having become addicted to Conan: Exiles, I’ve finally started getting into modding the game, which has felt a bit like going back to school for a degree you’ve already earned, but in a second language. A sampling of what I’ve made so far:

I’m a functional modder in that I tend to make mods specifically to address things that bug me or add functionality in to make things more immersive. I’m still learning the ropes but building up to more and more ambitious projects; on the docket is a mod that will add banners that can be held in the shield slot by thralls or players, and a mod playing off my The Fish Economy mod that will add more cooking recipes (and garum!).


Going from my experience with Pippi, it certainly seems like something that should be possible - Pippi after all has banners and wallpapers it can pull into the game from URLs. But it’s still something beyond my ken personally.

I was mulling over a mod which adds more NPC class names (e.g. names more descriptive than “Fighter” and “Archer”) but I am told that this in particular is controlled by a variable that’s considerably more baked-in to the engine than a data table would be, and I would unleash the technical equivalent of Biblical plagues by messing with it, so it’s shelved for now.

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