Some people have a underground base

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [#3175]

PVP server #3175, one clan have base witlh alot of foundation, map room, thrall and alot of other stuff under the ground

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we have this clan in this server that have a base underground with alot of stuff and no one can reach, they are raiding my clan and others every day and when we battle they off they go to the base and they will resuply and come again, we cann´t raid them or get any of their stuff(our itens), my clan already change 2 times our base locations but because of they are underground they can see where is the new base.
I don´t know where to report them because of the glitch abuse or do something about this, can some one help please?
Thanks in advance

you can do it here, or provide screenshots, server number etc, and send it to @Hugo or @Ignasis or @Community

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this is a screen shot from the place

To report players you must reach out to us privately, as indicated in our guidelines:

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