Some problems about the current version of Purges




Some problems about the current version of Purges

1.Purges trigger failure: After declaring wealth, the location of the enemy’s Purges camp refresh is too close, which leads to most of the positions of the homestead/treasure house (if there is not a very open plain around, even if there are only some natural resources) cannot trigger the Purges normally, and it is prompted that there is no location to refresh.

2.Enemy Purges path problem: The Purging enemies cannot attack the player’s walls or gates correctly, and it is prompted that there is no correct path.

Modification: 1. Increase the refresh retrieval range of the Purges, so that the camps can be refreshed at a farther range. The range of the camps that can be refreshed can be retrieved around the treasure box/gold pile as the center. When the camp is refreshed, it can ignore the destructible natural resources or destroy them. After all, the natural resources will be refreshed again.
2. The Purging monsters can swim/climb/attack the player’s buildings such as walls and foundations, and they will prioritize attacking the city gates. The monsters will have more siege equipment, and the players will have more defensive equipment, such as battering rams and wall trebuchets.

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