Some PvP incentives ( sorry PvE servers )

I was thinking, why not do a x2 resource gathering event once a month during PvE-Conflict hours ( also on PvP servers if they want it ). It would incentivize players to come out of their castles, at least on PvE-Conflict servers. Might be a great way to bring back the conflict on those servers. Would definitely increase player traffic on servers during those hours, which would also increase chances of conflict.


As a PVE player, I wouldn’t be against this. It’s easy for us to farm without being bothered.

Well, you can farm on PvE-C servers without being bothered as well. Just do it during non primetime hours. This was more of an incentive for players who wish to venture out during PvP hours. That whole risk versus reward thing.

PvP servers used to have x2 gathering rates 24/7. They normalized gathering rates across the server modes a while back by adjusting the actual amounts you got from nodes and setting all servers to x1.

I really think the 2x event would motivate more server traffic in general. I would love this honestly.

I have posted the same basic idea. Pvec and pvp have windows. To make those windows more risk reward, go 4x…

Definitely not a bad idea.

Maybe even better drop %s on bosses for a bit wouldn’t be bad. Killing the red mother 38 times for that torch was brutal :rofl:

Yeah, the risk versus reward during PvP hours just doesn’t exist.

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yeah, but 24 7 samenrates incentivecised the 18 hour os non raid. The idea is creating raid traffic on raid servers. Don’t reward 18 hours of pvec.

I tried a PVE-C server once and honestly it was very boring… Too many folks just stayed in their bases during PVP time. This would help with that. Good idea. Do the devs look at these great suggestions?

He was talking about Pure PvP servers, not PvE-C servers. Anyhow, you are correct, making it 24/7 on a PvE-C server wouldn’t be a PvP incentive since you would be able to just get x2 during non PvP hours.

True. I was more replying to @helium3 about pvp. But, yeah a I never understood why pvec has any pure pve time at all. There are pve servers for that.

True, PvE-C servers could be PvP all the time, but just keep the structure and non following thrall / pet invulnerability in place.

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That would be cool. 6 hours thrall pvp, rest player in player.

I was wondering whether a points system for killing players might encourage some pvp.

Like if you kill a player the same level you get a point.
Kill someone higher level get 2 points.
Kill someone lower level or offline lose a point.

Then when you are playing you can see who is a noble pvper and who is not. Some people will compete for points alone. But in theory a reward system could be implemented too.

Or it’s just bragging rights.

Yeah and then people abuse the system by leaving clans and killing each other :slight_smile:

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2x is maybe I bit too much, but it adds up some spice during PvP I like the idea

x2 isn’t much if it’s just once a month, which was my original idea. Other people have chimed in asking for permanent x2 and / or permanent PvP.

If done once a month, it won’t be too much and as stated, right now, there is no risk versus reward during PvP hours, so if people want x2 resources, they’ll have to login and leave their castles to do so.

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