Some questions about console command

i know the admin panel can set level and other stuff.
but i can’t find a console command to set player level.
already tryed command:setstat level XX. and this command can only change your level but no attribute points.
If anyone knows that a console command has the same level set function as the admin panel, I hope you can teach me
My main purpose is to adjust the level of players through rcon command
Because my dedicated server has been attacked by DDoS recently, and the users on my server often have bugs that can’t interact with anything, and I can’t fix them. At present, the only way I can find is to rebuild the characters, so I think I have the responsibility to adjust the level for them after rebuilding the characters.
So I would appreciate it if you could help me

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You could install the Pippi mod, that lets you add levels, perks ect.
And all from the Pippi page so you wouldn’t need to hunt people down to level them one at a time.

You can also create “kits” to give each player a boost in gear and mats.


Another benefit of Pippi is that you can use the Player tab in its admin panel to view the Steam64ID of all players. This is important, because if you need to blacklist someone from connecting, this is the ID you’ll need to do so.


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