Some questions about server management and gameplay

Hey there Exiles,

i currently have about 120 hours gametime and my own rented Server for my friends to enjoy. We are a group of dedicated gamers+dgamerdads who like a good pve challenge and some well thought out survival elements but the game seems rather easy right now.

First there are some questions i have about the server setup.

  1. Is there an info file / readme with all the .ini commands? I have found none and thats a pity because there seems to be a disparity between ingame admin options and ini options. (There are way less purge options in the server ini file)

  2. Can i activate a harsher climate again? I heard that temperature was much more punishing before and i would like to revert back to this settings.

  3. Is there a setting for multiple characters on one server ?

Now on to some Gameplay/Server related questions.

  1. Is there any way to disable/ tone down the journey and exploration xp?
    It seems rather counter productive because i am litteraly lvl 30 in 1,5 hours even with just running around.
    This makes so many of the first recipies rather worthless and it doesnt feel like an achievement at all.
    (Also, the first dungeon is pointless if you prepare for it and outlevel the content just by building some weapons and armor)

  2. Can i make the sandstorm do more damage?

All in all i think that the “survival” aspect of the game could be so much harder and i want some sliders and settings to achieve that. (I can also live with options in the ini files but as i said there is no documentation to be found)

Thank you for your time.

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