Some questions about the pets update

Hi there,

After testing the new update, i’m wondering about some aspects of the pet system.

  • Is there any possibility to heal pets except waiting for their health to recover ?

  • What is the point to make Jhebbal Sag signs, which are expensive in order to harvest one single shadebloom, when you can clean the dungeon and get ~25+ shadeblooms in 10 minutes ?

  • Why does the frostwolf baby turn into a regular wolf like the baby “plain” wolf ? Is it intended ?

Personal question - Do you have any advice to find Sabretooth babies ?

In general, it’s a very good update to me, despite some weird things like animals eating … gruel :slight_smile:


regarding the sabretooth babies. i saw some in the Jhebbal Sag Dungeion in the Sabretooth path as well as in the north by the entrence to the Eyelet Lake.

I have a question about pets too.

Why can’t you pick them up? it would make managing them so much easier… Last night I died in a fight and my bear companion stayed in the battlefield. Meanwhile I was able to bring a wolf along to the place and when I get to the bear, he is fighting and makes a kill then stays there and I am unable to carry two pets at a time. Now I went back and left the wolf in the pen, walked back and take the bear with me from the battlefield back home. Only workaround I could think of…

My suggestion would be a pick up option. Also, to place them on the pen you have to use the command stand and guard, so they get aggro by anything that moves and disturbs RP for instance or any player interaction (besides pvp of course). I would be using more pets around people if I had the option for them not to attack everyone on sight, and others would appreciate it. This effect of instant attacking is also thralls behaviour with players as well, it would be nice if thralls could just not attack if ordered, who’s the master here come on…

I have more questions since I go deeper in the pet system. Maybe we can leave this thread for pet questions purpose?.

thanks, i didn’t find the sabretooth path for now, i’ll have a look !

On the other hand, an option to define their “home” and to order “get back to home” would be welcome if we are unable to pick them up.
About what you say concerning the AI, it seems to me that the pets AI is exactly the same as thralls AI, making them acting like what you describe …

I am overall happy with their behaviour, I think the AI seems a bit better for both. It still annoys me that they won’t engage in combat until you take a hit, but ok, let them come.

The system in ARK where you can set your pets “attitudes” on passive, agressive or attack on order should be definitely considered by funcom.

They are supposed to be tamed, so a few basic commands are in line I think!.

I hope :slight_smile:

That’s already in-game.

Might not work all the time, but pets/thralls should go back to their original “Guarding” spot if you die. If while you’re bringing a pet/thrall with you, you decide to select the option move and place them some place, that is the new “home” for them.

  • Not outta my head. Might come back later with a reply.

  • It provides alternatives. (The dungeon can be more harsh for some people)

  • Yes, already noted on the official wiki’s Pets page.

  • there’s a list of babies per biomes and the reference used on the official wiki Pet page

  • (See above)
    Sidenote: if you find your thralls wandering to 0,0 or something alike, please report it on the bug subforums :slight_smile:

I think (part of) this is answered here:

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It can happen and is intended :slight_smile:

I play in servers with the mod pickup+ and its variations, that allow you to pick up all items you place in the World, except thralls. I am disapponited you can’t but no problem, I can live with it though this is the main reason I don’t use fighting thralls. I don’t know about the coding issues, most likely thralls are not processed in code as the rest of items are, that prevents it from picking them up permanently. Though it’s possible to pick them up and move them around, so I wonder why can’t it be codeable to place them in inventory instead of out in the World. Coding issues I assume.

I can’t imagine it’s impossible to do so. I’ve heard the same (“coding issues!”) said of why we’re not able to pick up containers, and yet there’s items in the vanilla game (radium torches, specifically) with an inventory that can be safely returned to one’s inventory.

Granted, I haven’t looked into the code myself (I’m old-fashioned and abhor node-based coding!), and I’m definitely not calling anyone a liar - but misunderstandings may be clouding the issue: “coding issues” probably don’t make it technically impossible to do (few things are), I’d wager it’s a combination of it being undesirable (for some hopefully good reason) and not trivial work-load wise to make it possible.

Maybe it can be exploited, I wouldn’t be surprised: Say the back-in-inventory-thrall-item cannot retain its hit points, and so people would be able to quickly cycle thralls back into inventory to save them, and drop them out to continue the fight.

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