Some reverting behaviors from thralls and pet aggro

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Misc]
Region: US 3519

Keeping it short. I know these are known, but they were gone… but making a comeback lately. I am starting to get the bug where putting in several stacks in a cooking station crashes the game.

Thralls in villages are non responsive at times and you can just walk up to them and whack them.

Pets and sometimes thralls, will aggro an entire village. My hyena pet made dang sure I was getting mobbed by groups in an unending chain in Asgarth. My bearer thrall kept running up to buried Rocknoses in the brimstone pits and attacking the air til I came close to get them out of the ground. Great way to spot them but wholly unintended and I can’t even think about taking it on the level with the world boss.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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