Some structures are TOO big

I’ll never grow tired repeating it: some structures are huge and impossible to place in a good-looking base. If you don’t have one of those ugly cube-looking bases and try to desing something DECENT sized, you’ll find out that many structures (specifically map-room and temples) are impossible to place without getting a terrible effect.

Also, they are STUPIDLY big. It’s really pointless for them to be that big.
Let’s take the Temple of Mitra: the square stairs at the base (which take 4x5 foundations) … what are those for ?

The Temple, the altar is just the top part !
The temple could be 2x3 (at best) and it would look the same, without giving people troubles of making room for that stupid thing !

And I’m not even starting with Map Room, which is the dumbest of all things, considering the size. If could be half the size and it will be just fine !

Why on earth do something that big ? What’s the reason ?
Give me a valid good reason for that !

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Because bigger is mobedder


Because the devs know that some players care for more than just min-maxing their play and like the aesthetics to be immersive.

Where do you learn how to make the map room? In the Unnamed City, the center of the Giant-kings’ civilization in Exiled Lands. Who do you learn it from? The ghost of the Archivist, one of the Triumvirate that ruled the Giant-kings. It makes sense that the map room is made to Giant-kings’ proportions.

As for the Temple of Mitra, it is the highest tier of the shrine. It represents the culmination of your dedication to that deity. Its size and grandeur are supposed to reflect your devotion.

I’ve seen plenty of good-looking bases with these structures. Sounds like a problem on your end. :man_shrugging:


It’s all a matter of perspective. Exalted shrine of Ymir is a frigging dot in this example.


Appearently …

Because “ehi, do not make bases too big: they make server crash and don’t leave space for other players” but “ehi, look at this needlessy big map room you absolutely need to not waste 10 minutes of travel across the map !”

But the problem is not building big … the problem is building NEEDLESSY BIG.
You need a HUGE plaza to place the Map Room. Even bigger if you want to be able to walk around it and make an acceptable looking base. Same for temples.

A normal sizen plaze (4x5) can contain it, but the look is terrible. You neet at least 6x6 or 6x7 to have a good look.

@CodeMage Reverse Engineering:

examine the construction or composition of another manufacturer’s product in order to create (a duplicate or similar product

If you know how to build a 7x7 Map Room, there is no reason you won’t be able to make a smaller version of it, especially considering that just the pillars are “functioning”.

@Lucidique and what if you have a round base ?
Have fun placing those things…

I’ve had several round bases, zero issues with placing anything


Do a google search for the free version of Fortify. It will help you get large round and rounded structures planned out. They are very doable and can have some amazing looks to them.

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I would suggest a logical (but scummy) move would be to sell temple, wheels of pain, workstation etc. reskins with improved models at the BazaaR, but seeing even shop versions of placebles having all kinds of placement/alignment issues, I can only conclude selling $20 latrines already generates good enough money flow :moneybag:

Like I said:

You’re talking about “reverse engineering” in a sword-and-sorcery video game. Your way of thinking shows you don’t care about immersion. That’s fine, we all have different priorities. But you clearly don’t understand what I’m saying.

Stop looking at it as a player for a moment, and try to put yourself “into” the game:

You go to the Archivist and he gives you an arcane set of instructions on how to replicate a feat of ancient technology his race perfected. For you, it’s pretty much sorcery. You don’t know how the tech works. You don’t understand its parts or how they mesh together. You just know that if you follow these instructions that you were given, you’ll be able to build this thing that can magically move you from “here” to “there”. It’s clearly unnatural and sorcerous, and the less you tinker with it, the better your chances of staying in one piece and preserving your sanity.

Bull. The only people that keep repeating that are those who want to use it as an excuse to push their own narrative. Everyone else, even those who don’t understand anything about the tech behind the facts, has managed to learn that it’s not the size of the base itself that causes performance problems.

No, you don’t. You could also build transportory stones if you’re sooooooo worried about leaving space for other players.

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You are aware of how long ago they added the map room and temples, right? As for the wheels of pain, they already have 3 different sizes, and so do all of the big workstations.

But yeah, they totally did all of these things years before they hired a “monetization expert” to give them advice on how to do a half-assed shop that doesn’t seem to have produced enough revenue anyway, since they keep cutting more and more corners in the base game development.

It’s all part of their nefarious plan! :roll_eyes:


@JohnnyWylder the map room is big but it also does not have to go inside your base :man_shrugging: You can place it on the roof and believe it that you can delete the center block under it and then you can crawl straight up through the map room while people outside cannot crawl in that way. Also if you use foundations for roof, like we do in pvp servers you can also sink that map room into the floor to where the entire bottom “step” is no longer even visible which reduces its overall size. I don’t think the sizes of placeables are disproportionate considering the game is based during a time period where stacking one stone on top of another was considered “technology”

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@DeaconElie it mighta helped to actually read the OP’s post. He’s talking about the size of placeables :man_shrugging:, not the overbuilding that occurs on over populated PvE servers.

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Funny, I thought all those questions were answered in the TOS. But that would require people to actually read the TOS as something to be understood, not just in its letter, but also in its spirit. Instead, most people only read TOS enough to cherry-pick the parts they want to use to support whatever narrative they’re pushing.

Kinda like cherry-picking something in a thread to use it to start discussing something off-topic, something like building limits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can agree with the Map Room, but not on temples.
And surely not on animal pens.

Because CE is a sandbox game where people build their bases. If I want to build a magnificent temple to mitra, I take my building hammer and build a temple. What I really need as placeable is the ALTAR (which, again, doesn’t need to be bigger than 2x3).

Same for animal pens: they made whole prefab structures (which often are completely incompatible with the rest of the base. Why ? For animals we would just need a hay bed, then we could build the pen whatever we want !

But I’m sure you won’t be listening. Game works for you, so it’s perfect. Makes sense.

A reduction in footprint might work, especially for altars.

That giant a** dye crafter is the only bench I have issues with in size.:angry: it has no write to be that big. I remember being able to make dyes in the fire cauldron back in the day what was wrong with that? Make it smaller please just one dipping barrel will suffice.

This one agrees that several stations are too large, especially in comparison to other stations, and there are quite a few placeables which take up far more space than their appearance would indicate.

The Temples, honestly, are something to build your base around… which is very much a nuisance because you cannot just build the finished temple, and thus may not be ready when the footprint changes, and possibly delete all your progress.
As a compromise, this one would suggest the lowest tier footprint vs highest tier should not be different, so that there doesn’t come a time when upgrading destroys the worship point.

It would be very convenient if the placable stations had more uniform spacing. 3x1 is fine, as is 2x2, but when they have bizarre dimensions that aren’t corner friendly… it becomes quite a hassle and one could be forgiven for wondering, in setting, who would design some so awkwardly?

The Maproom is cluck off huge. What it does used to be Cluck off huge as well.
Now there is a more efficient alternative, learn sorcery and install a network of teleport pods.
Show your magnanimous splendor by leaving them in places that the public can use, rather than boxes over. And don’t worry, anyone who would report you as a bad builder for giving public transit would have reported you for having a Maproom, or really any building anywhere, because they are post consumer food in person shape, but dealing with feces-folk is the price for going into public.
But if the report meta does concern you, just ensure you build them to block where legendary chests currently are, as that is explicitly allowed construction.

Well… go get to work then :slight_smile:

I reverse engineered it and made a smaller version… no reason you can’t :man_shrugging:

Thank you for that bye the way that shelf comes in handy in my sorcery shack. :+1:t2:

I don’t use mod. I play on official server.
Take your sarcasm where it is appreciated.