Some suggestions by Managarm

  1. A shopkeeper thrall to sell things to other players.
    An option to set pay options for the items.
    So if someone want to buy something he have to pay with wood, fish or other things which are set.

  2. More options for clan leaders and officers.
    Like restricting recruits from building in clan territory and deconstruction.
    Also options too assign doors too player so only the one assigned too it could open them, same with chests.

  3. Writing notices and diarys, think would be fun and gives more possibilitys to RP.

Thats it for now, maybe I add more useful or weird ideas in the future.^^


Good suggestions, especially about doors. I would love to be able to just set a door to unlocked so other tribes could open it. Then if we wanted to allow someone into the map room but not other rooms we could. Or have a shared chest with a couple chains and tools to capture people near a city etc.

Preventing just anyone in the faction from destroying building parts would be really nice too. While I like the one about preventing building near a particular building not sure how that would work. Would need some kind of land claim block that you program permissions into for each area which is more difficult than just this rank can destroy buildings or not.

If you play on a private server you would have the option to install the Pippi mod:

Here you already have Shop NPC’s, Doors you can configure who is able to go through and many other configurable things.

But I agree it would be neat to have this in the base-game already

Absolutely. If or when the “modloader” feature is finished (and works!) it becomes more viable to have mods solve some of the missing features, but currently there’s just too many hoops to jump through for server owners and particularly for users.

If Funcom are actively trying to push us off official servers to save money as some claim (I am not saying I buy this argument by the way), they’d be way better off making modded private servers more attractive than officials.

Disclaimer: I haven’t fiddled with mods in a good long while, so I might be out of date.

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