Some suggestions concerning inventory management in general

Hey there!

a few ideas to make micromanagement easier:

20 pcs stacks of e.g. flowers or blood compared to 100 pcs stacks of iron, stone, etc. just feels plain dumb. I’ve read the changelist for the upcoming patch where fibers and other stuff will be stackable to 1000, will this be the case for every material? And if not, could you make it at least, say 100pcs stacks to replace the current 20pcs stacks?

Unlogic in crafting certain items
May it be, that for balancing reasons it is necessary to add some rare ingredients to material like Steel and Hardened Steel. But it feels so terribly unlogical.
Steel should be made of Iron and Coal, as for Hardened Steel it should be Steel and Oil.
That would be a WHOLE lot more realistic. It feels so stupid, to be forced to craft some strange, colored stuff called ‘Steelfire’ to be able to craft steel… duh. Also, Sulfur for making Hardened Steel is ridiculous, as this stuff actually increases the machinability (makes it softer) and DEcreases ductility in Real life… I’d have never guessed that ingredient on my own because of that ^^
On the other hand it would be cool being able to add Sulfur to hardened steel in order to revert it to normal steel. Expensive, but cool.

’send to’ menu for items in inventory
Okay, you can call me a hypocrite now. First I complain about something unrealistic now i ask for something unrealistic.
It would make life and again micromanagement of stuff so much more enjoyable, if we could get a ‘send to’ option by rightclicking items. Send to --> list of named chests appears --> click it, keep your stock tidy and don’t waste so much time running around in your fortress where you actually want to slay that dragon RIGHT NOW!! :slight_smile:

An equipment pouch
Would it be possible to somehow add, maybe a craftable item called Toolbag, which seperates a ‘standard toolbag section’ from a ‘loot section’ in the inventory?
So one would be able to manually add that standard repairing tools, materials, tools in general etc… and not be forced to seperate everything each time visiting your lair because of that mandatory 3pcs. of hardened leather for your thrall bindings etc…

Yeah, would make life easier. Would be nice.

Oh and by the way, what about a thrall sled to be able to carry around that amassed KOed guys, similar to the log sled in ‘The Forest’? :smirk:


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