Some suggestions that will make the game more complete and fun!

First of all, I’m sorry for my English.

  1. It would be great if you could put several beds. The map is very large, and it is tiring to put on bags every 10 meters you walk!

2.When the taming system is implemented, put at least one riddable animal. I repeat that the map is very big and it is torture to go from one corner to another!

  1. A boat or a raft to navigate rivers. That is very appropriately medieval… and cool!!

  2. This is something of aesthetics: To be able to dress the thralls that are assigned to a table.

  3. A menu of movements and options for slaves, in which there is more than the option to follow. Example: Emoticons (sit, lie down …), attack or be static, always have the sword/bow in the hand, and above all, something I think is realistic, the option of walking around your garden or house.

6.Carousels pulled by animals. Like in films or books, one car puller by a horse!

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