Some thoughts especially for rp servers

Hi, after trying the normal game i started a rp server with a friend and now after working on it for a while i found some stuff which could be improved.
First more decoration would be nice like trinkets, bookshelves or the abilty to simply put items on tables or racks so you could make marketstands. Then sadly you cant make merchants or even thralls who look like they do something apart from when they are attached to a workbench. Could you make something so you can have some life? Also being able to give thralls patrol routes so they dont simply stand on the same spot until they, hopefully react to an enemy what they dont really do when standing on a watchtower or a rampart. Making Thralls a bit more autonomous would also befit the incoming feeding need. It would be cool if your thralls wouldnt just stupidly starve to death when they could go to a box for some food or if you could make thralls go on route to hand over food to every thrall he encounters on his way. Next point would be to increase the time food needs to spoil and increase the time food lasts for thralls. Giving a thrall food that would be enough for a group of ten and being forced to repelnish his food after a few hours will be annoying especially when maintaing a rp server.
Also could you implement something like merchant routes and the ability to give thralls tasks and workbenches for food like a butchers bench or a baker?
Will we get ships and boats even only for decoration?
Last thing i wanted to ask was if you could add some more weaponclasses like whips, halberds, crossbows, scorpions/ballistas (i mean we have a trebuchet which is harder to build) etc.?
Oh and please could you tell the thralls to keep their weapons in hands and don`t make stupid combinations anymore? Had a thrall on crocodile duty and gave him a sword, a shield and a spear. Have seen the stupid guy equip the shield as a crocodile approached but not his sword so he tried to punch the thing to death.

You need Pippi! FC is unlikely to do many of the things you suggest since it seems most of their efforts are bent on basic game core issues. Honestly, I wanna see the sorcery system before “city life” and Pippi does great things with their Thespians. I WOULD really like to be able to dress the crafting station thralls as we can the regular thralls though! As for decor, seems like that’s going to be mostly DLC items. Which is fine with me as long as they stick with their current prices.

There’s a mod for that… I think. Pretty sure I saw one. Didn’t test it, though.

Pippi? I am currently working on a fortress for a collector of knowledge and even doing somewhat of a library was hard and my solution so far where kitchen cabinets but i only found enough diary pages and readable books for nearly one cabinet. If i hadnt pinned the collection of all legendary weapons and shields in one room there wouldnt be much to read. Even the mystical stuff you can find cant be put on display to read. Yes one could try to simply loot the library but you could look the displays. It should be so that this place was somewhere you could travel to study the legends of the world as well as sttlement to trade and get healed as i am not building in the nicest area but so far i cant really build like i thought i could.
This is literally the Mod most roleplayers would not be playing this game without. As for the things you are looking for to make a library I’d suggest Emberlight, which is a fantastic Mod and has, among other things, bookcases and books and more of that kind of thing to come.

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