Some thoughts on arrows and bows

to keep as a main real weapon you will need to up damage or see lower ups to arrows as well as make a secondary attack for archers for target in melee range, hit them with your bow, stab them with a arrow, pull out a sidearm knife and stab them causing a bleed and heavy slow, dagger backflip, SOMETHING!!

make arrows WAY more important
poison arrows (snake arrow 1 stack at lower tier 2,3,4 at higher tiers)
bleed arrows (1 stack at lower tier 2,3,4? at higher tiers)
slowing arrows (frost shard arrow)
armor piercing arrows (with sunder effect)

make Tiers for each craftable all at carpenter table
if there idea is to make it into side arm weapon it needs to have either comparable or high burst damage, or some extreme utility to assist as a side arm…otherside just remove them from the game as they serve next to no purpose