Some thoughts on the 2.3 siptah NPC camps

  1. Basically it is nice to have camps now on Siptah. But they differ extremely in immersion, detail and quality. And it is too much. Also those different “factions” make not much sense.

So the big cimmerian (accursed) camp feels immersive and is really detailed and nice made. And it makes sense. A big heavy fortified stronghold of the best fighters which defend against the storm creatures… A big pirate camp?.. why not?

Well, it is just a copy of exiled lands (like most which is well made), but it is immersive. 100m further is a halfdamaged small house with weak npcs which have settled near the tower in mid of the storms and creatures, nearly not fortified, they survive. Does it make any sense? Not really… Is it an interesting site? Not really… Is it necessary? Not really… Immersive? Bah!

This goes through the complete update. Some camps are immersive and feel “right” and thought of, many are senseless, without need and nonimmersive, nondetailed and just “too much”. Quantity is not quality.
Details and Quality please, not Quantity, and let some room. At the moment Siptah feels like Manhattan.

  1. That people could set now 100 wheels of pain in the mid of the storm without problems destroys immersion completely!!!(+100!)! A wheel here, some forundations there, 30 tamed dogs next.
    All the effects, all the danger, all the immersion of the storm: gone!

Again: a big fortified camp with good fighters survives? OK. A lvl 0 T1 survives in a hut? No way. Funcom, ever heard of… immersion?

  1. Balancing… Maybe i had just bad luck, but all fighter npcs i found were ■■■■■■, only the accursed berserkers are good. And the gameplay is radically and totally different if you have a thrall with strength 7 or a berzerker with strength 40 and vitality 35, aso., whos a 2handed specialist. -->So dungeons are unbalanced. Some are too easy, some are with the new stunning system pretty hard. If you have a berzerk with you everything is easy, while you begin with a lesser good figther you have a really bad time in some dungeons(vaults) and fighting feels awful. Beginners have a hard time until they can craft a good weapon, a tanky armor and have a berzerk. The difference is too big and unbalanced. Cause in between is too few content what a beginner could do, as long as storm and vaults are too heavy.

That’s not the story i got from this camp. “The accursed” live among the creatures and are somewhat mindcontrolled by the tower sorcerer Siptah. If you read some of the notes you’ll see what I’m talking about. :slight_smile:
You can also read the book “The Gem in the Tower” by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter.

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The exiles in the center do make little sense. Considering they are low tier, you would expect to find them near the beginning spawn areas along the beaches mostly.

Immersion wise, i think the camps visually are well made. I know im a happy camper when i am browsing for anything usefull in them. So much so, im contemplating on making a ragtag tent base instead of what i have now.

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