Some ways to improve pvp official experience?

So I’ve played this game since it was free in ps4 great game but definitely not noob friendly imagine joining your first server to obs being blocked and brimstone being blocked
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There has to be a way where things like that shouldn’t happen maybe the inside of brimstone should just be invalid placements same goes to the obs maybe have a radius around the ob where you can’t build but I usually have map rooms and vaults at all obs so not sure how it can be implemented but it would revive a lot of servers and a lot of new players would probably stick around. Probably making noob friendly official servers too

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Best solution if you ask me, wipe all servers + implement a report option in game. About the servers for newbies is a great idea but hard to implement. Right now there is a massive lagg in all the servers when the ping that shows is under 35-40 ms (Mostly guilds fault). The guilds are not going to undo all their stuff because they don’t care for their fellow gamers. I reported an infraction against the new terms in a official server and the massive structure blocking the path still there. So it feels like the official servers are owns for some few players that were abusing from long time and they will keep doing it. What a shame.


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