Some weird black void

Can somebody tell me what is this? I’m standing above Bin-Yakin’s seal and looking directly West. It seems it’s located in front of the Ruins of Xullhan, but when I was around nothing like this was present.

It looks to be a water source From a distance :slight_smile:

Those are actually the “boxes” underneath the map that contain the dungeons, sometimes you can see them through the map if there’s nothing within rendering distance between you and them.

If you go into ghost mode, you can actually fly right into them. (Though it can take a while to get there.)


That’s my understanding of how it works, yeah.

I wonder if that world haze that eats everything beyond a certain distance doesn’t have anything to do with why we can see them sometimes as well. I imagine that’s there to save on whatever resources would go into letting players see all the way across the entire map from any given spot, but then with the map “invisible” beyond a certain distance you get occasional glimpses of what’s underneath it.


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