Someone claimed PvP was much more fun in Conan Exiles "Alpha" and "Beta"

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(PVP Ruined by Goomba Stomp builds - #7 by HAMMARUS):

Well, idk if this was fun…


Much better than a Katana! :grimacing:

Hold forward and mash attack over and over. If anyone thought that was more fun… let me introduce you to this awesome game called Minecraft.


It’s always fun when you win! But it is a broken game when you lose… hehehe heh


Saw the Hammer? Hold right click and knock down! Keep the enemy knocked. Like you could do NOTHING when you got knocked. You basically were dead or the enemy did a mistake.

Was the game more fun before launch? Yes it was indeed.
But, it wasn’t the game that was better, it was the players that were better.

The game machinic has been improving all along.
The quality of the player base hasn’t been.

There are still good people playing.
People with honesty, integrity, and a desire to play a fair PVP battle where regardless of what side you’re on everyone will still be friends in the end.

Server community rivals stood together to defend the server when those without honour came to try and get a foothold.

But the game shifted to favor the attacker and not the defender. Wiping a server became a goal.
Defenders lost heart and the game suffered as fewer and fewer fair minded players gave way to people who just want to destroy and not face a fair contest.

So yes it was better and more fun in the early days, but not because of the game itself.


Yeah, looks like it was alot of fun! I miss those days!

This 100%

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Atleast the non sprinting animation looked better :laughing:

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