Someone crafted a T3 Shrine?!

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: US

As far as I know, you cannot craft a T3 shrine and then place it already at that stage. Yet someone has done this.

But before I say its a bug and very nasty exploit, I am wondering if anyone knows how this could have happened legitimately? Here’s the details…

I snuck inside an enemy base. Picked up stuff from open crafting stations and shrines. One item was a pre-crafted Derketo Shrine. Did not notice anything fishy at that point. The next day I placed that shrine on the ground. While doing so I noticed the icon seemed to look different and it’s name was different but was not paying much attention. When I placed it, I had an instant T3 Derketo Shrine complete with beam of light!! How is this possible!!!?

  1. No idea how someone could craft a T3 shrine

Do you recall the station you found it in? It is also possible that they picked it up on a raid in someones base.

I took it from either the inventory of a Derketo Shrine, or a crafting station but dont remember which.

You can’t pickup shrines from a raid, only destroy. You can’t even pick up your own shrine once placed. (or if you CAN pick it up I dont know how and that would be the info I need and the answer to my question)

sounds like an item spawn to me.
As far as i know, shrines HAVE to be upgraded AFTER having been placed in the world of conan, meaning there could be no way outside of admin use, mods or some kind of cheat to see a t3 or even a t2 altar stored in any placeabale.
you just can’t pick that item up once it’s placed.
So i agree with virginmarie, this seems very suspucious to me.

It’s a bug that has already been reported. When upgrading a religion altar it can ocassionally go into your inventory rather than upgrade what is already placed.

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