Someone Hacked guild

Our guild on Crom server, the Vilayet Sea Vipers is now gone. Someone has been able to access it and delete the entire guild! We had made so much progress. Can a GM look into it and give us some information- who and how could this happen? Any way possible to get our guild city back?

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Yeap, a crap situation. If we end up reforming, please invite Ruttovuohi and Skaern. Though would be better if customer support can recover at least our city if not whole guild.

Honestly, the chance someone “hacked” is not likely. You made someone an officer you shouldn’t…sucks, really sorry for you guys. Hoping Funcom support can help you.

Aye, I always thought that guild has to have like only 1-2 officers which can kick n etc. That will be a lesson for you guys.

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All someone needs to do is have your funcom username and they bruteforce your account. If someone was kicked out of the guild and decided to seek vengeance, it is entirely possible that someone was hacked

It’s a terrible thing in either case whether hacked or stolen, or someone with high rank.

The big question is why? I was glad to see a guild building dedicated to helping low levels. I don’t know anyone, I don’t think from there but it’s just a sad, stupid can’t say the rest of what I would like to say about a person that would spend any time or effort to do this.

Sadly I have seen this happen before, 3 times actually.

I wish you the best of luck in rebuilding.

I’m very sorry that this happened. A similar incident happened to a guild that I was in. The perpetrator was at a level where they kicked folks at their level and lower. The leaders were able to bring the guild back together. We are pretty certain of the person who did this, but, I have long since left that guild and I wish them the best. I am in another guild and we strongly vette our leaders. And, I am not saying that you didn’t but one sour fruit can ruin a whole thing. I hope that you get your guild and all your guild’s belongings back. This is heartbreaking, I know.

I wish you and all the original VSV the best of luck!

There should only be 1 top level person controlling the city at all times. Never give guild bank access to anyone you don’t know. keep all lower tier leaders at a manageable level. That way if the guild is kicked by a rogue leader the city is safe and so is the guild bank…