Someone impersonating me


I didnt post this, but someone else wants to make the post and have all backlash land on me…pretty smart
I did wright this under “Daikhairai1” too bad im late to the party on this and im not the primary name… sad day for me.
and this one isnt me " Dai-Khairai" i like that capital K tho nice touch.
heres my nexus and my steam
nexus wwwnexusmodscom/xcom2/users/8135582
Steam wwwnexusmodscom/xcom2/users/8135582
how screwed i am in this, is there any hope? how many of these cases are there?


  • impersonator made their profile on funcom first
  • others dont believe me
  • i had to make mine under a different name
  • other things yet to trip me up


  • My steam page says my name
  • my google Gmail says my name
  • I’ve been playing on the server longs that the impersonator…(I believe)
  • other tings i haven’t thought of

woulda put link addresses down proper but it does let me do that, unfortunately