Something besides Purge

I would like to see something else besides the purge. After i build my base nothing happens unless you get purge. I would like to see the base get random attacks by beast. thralls or something to keep your base working. Its boring when you have your base all built up and don’t see them in action. It would be fun to fend off little attacks from bandits or beast.


Maybe try to mess with purge settings so it will strike everyday? :wink:


Why every day if it can hit you every hour instead? Ö_Ö


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Greate ide, grops of 5-10 enemies every now and then.

@mdiggs0994 , I agree, I would like to have patrols from bandits. Yet if you want a little more excitement you can always go and build close to a 3 head boss spawn area. You will have so often attacks and a role play enemy that will satisfy your thirst for excitement on pve.
Warning, if you do this prepare to loose a lot, yet this is what you ask for I guess and in a way the game can provide it as it is.
What say you exile?


It doesn’t really make sense for small groups of bandits to attack a well-defended fortress.

As for gameplay perspective - I prefer peace and quiet in my bases, except for the occasional Purge. Considering that thralls are idiots, I couldn’t leave base defense to them alone, and I’d rather not have my exploring and adventuring constantly interrupted by three stooges and their pet dog trying to break into my outhouse.

But of course, a server setting of optional “little purges” is a fine idea. More options for players to choose from = better.


I will gladly piggyback onto this to once again request the option to have a purge setting that unleashes a whole Avatar upon my hapless base!


There’s the PVE Plus Ambush mod, that pretty much does that. Works fine, as far as I tested in single player. Unfortunately I have not found a single server running this mod…

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This makes me sad that consoles don’t have mods.

I was going to suggest this very thing. I love that mod. Also sandstormex adds monster spawns to the sandstorm that is very cool. I run both and love it on my server.

Depends on thrirst as the bes well uuiuuh most dangerous option is to build your base and turn purge meter down all the way and once you dispatch the first one you will build enough up to get purged right after and let me tell you 52 purges later I was down to 15 melee and 7 archer and lost nearly 86% of my fortifications and almost all supplies oooooooooooooooooooooouch but it was worth it.

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I will join this thread too. :muscle:

So the idea of having something beyond purge (that destroy buildings) is good.
Of course, such systems already exist in the game.

Let's take a look at them all (in details):
  1. Purge
    a) :white_check_mark: It has a progress bar that fills up, you can predict when purge will appear.
    b) :white_check_mark: You can log out if you are not yet attacked (if you do not exceed a certain ​point :x:).
    c) :white_check_mark: Purge warns the player before starting, show the place and reveals who will be attacking.
    d) :white_check_mark: You can defend yourself quite easily by building a wall and placing warriors around your base.
    e) :negative_squared_cross_mark: You can wait a while to get rid of any progress on the progress bar (that’s a bad thing from my point of view).
    f ) :white_check_mark: You can change its parameters in the game settings.
  2. Meteor shower
    a) :x: There is no progress bar, you cannot predict when or if will it be dangerous for you (but it appears :white_check_mark: only in a certain area)
    b) :x: Logging out protects you from it, only in singleplayer.
    c) :negative_squared_cross_mark: You can see the threat when you are close only (however, there is a warning).
    d) :x: No wall will defend a base sufficiently. Companions also have no way to defend themselves against impact.
    e) :x: There is no way to stop the meteor shower system from working.
    f ) :x: You cannot change its parameters in the game settings.
  3. Maelstrom
    a) :x: There is no progress bar, it appears cyclically but :white_check_mark: only in a certain area.
    b) :x: Logging out protects you from it, only in singleplayer.
    c) :white_check_mark: You can predict when it will appear by watching the weather change.
    d) :white_check_mark: You can defend yourself reasonably well (but not as effectively as on a purge) by building a wall and placing warriors around your base.
    e) :negative_squared_cross_mark: You can stop the maelstrom from running through the settings only. :x:
    f ) :white_check_mark: You can change its parameters in the game settings.
  4. Decay system
    a) :white_check_mark: You can see how long it will take for the building to decay.
    b) :white_check_mark: Logging in restores the timer.
    c) :white_check_mark: You can predict exactly when you should log in to restores the timer.
    d) :white_check_mark: You don’t have to defend yourself against this system.
    e) :negative_squared_cross_mark: You can stop the decay from the settings, log in or build larger buildings to extend timer.
    f ) :white_check_mark: You can change its parameters in the game settings.
  5. Another player’s attack / Raids (PvP only :white_check_mark:)
    a) :negative_squared_cross_mark: You can only predict in a limited way (by pvp settings) when or if any player will attack you.
    Note: by pvp settings I mean setting the time when buildings can be damaged
    b) :x: Logging out not protects you from it.
    c) :x: You can see the threat when you are close and aware only.
    d) :negative_squared_cross_mark: You can try to defend yourself by building a wall and placing warriors around your base.
    e) :x: You can turn off pvp in the game settings only (it can also be turned off at certain times).
    f ) :white_check_mark: You can change its parameters in the game settings.

(1.) Purge - I like it. :+1: In singleplayer, I speed it up! :smiling_imp:
(2.) Meteor showers are a nuisance when it rains and when it is not raining (not bringing star metal).
(3.) Maelstrom has been weakened in Early Access. I haven’t built much on it yet, but I definitely want to try it more.
(4.) Decay system - it basic, needed, nothing to comment on.
(5.) PvP / Raids - I tried, it’s not for me - at least in this game, because I feel like losing has cost me too much (too much of my time).

A monster attack would be very similar to a purge, maybe even too similar. It would be enough to add some event that immediately fills up the progress bar that triggers a purge.
For example, talking to some NPC (or killing him), completing a specific dungeon (or killing a specific boss), or donating some resource to speed up purge (which is already working on Siptah :smiley:).

I would surely just like to see more ways to trigger purge :heart: and more types of purge for sure! :heart_eyes:

There were ideas such as storm and lightning, or an earthquake on the forum. It would be similar to the meteor shower and maelstrom.

But it seems to me that it would not be well received and they would have to weaken the effect of these systems (as in the case of maelstrom). Still, it would be worth a try. :+1:

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