Something for mod creators to consider re: Tuesday’s update

My better half has a couple of tips for modders re: Tuesday’s update. (We manage 10 mods, most of them original, have updated the dev kit (which seems to have some wonky issues right now) and have been recompiling them.)

Many of you already know this, but… “This is NOT “just a map" update” as some modders have said that’s all it is.

Funcom said it’s a major update and it is. They’ve changed a lot of core routines like FunCombat_PlayerController, BasePlayerState, etc.

If a Mod binds to any player / thrall events, Game state events and is not recompiled by Tuesday … most likely servers will crash. This is why the the dev kit was released early.

Authors would be wise to test ALL features and recompile mods locally before then, and be ready for Tuesday. Any using the radial menu could be affected. Any with reconfigurable items. A number of tables have changed and new tables have been added.

We will be saving our game prior to the update and will only be using mods we know for sure will work. Then reintroduce the others the following week so as to avoid a rush of updates and hot fixes.

Opening the mod in the dev kit and running it is not enough. The test is in the cooking. Any consumables or configurables should definitely be tested.

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