Something New In The Scorched Desert?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t remember ever being in the Scorched Desert during the night time before. And it is definitely night time now. Or I could just be misfiring in the brain department and we always had night times there and I don’t remember it.

always had night time there…with the big big moon :thinking:

I think it’s the lighting (not sure the technical term) but it has more of a night time feel in all the zones, especially with the longer distance view. Kingsmouth harbor looking from the water side at night is much nicer than I remember in TSW.

CotSG is the one that doesn’t have a night.

KM got a major lighting overhaul. The other zones, unfortunately not so much.

The desert at night always best time for hunting sun scorpions.

I just had a blinding flash of the obvious.
I’m playing that zone for the first time on my new gaming laptop.
The one with completely different graphics settings than my old desk top.
Specifically, way better ability do render night scenes.
So I DON’T have to keep things artificially bright.
Like I had for YEARS with the old desktop.
So, I AM actually seeing something different in the Scorched Desert.
It is completely on my end, however.