Something that still confuses me

Which way do the developers recognize insulation?

Eg: Cold Insulated. Wait, does that mean it’s insulated against the cold or for keeping cold in? Aaarggg. The frustration.

If it means keep cold in, great. That explains using Black Ice in desert. If not then why would you want to use Black Ice in the desert if it keeps cold out.

IRL, when I put insulation on something it’s to keep the designated item in. Home insulation, cool air in. In winter, keep the heat in. My cooler - keep the cold beer cold!

Just looking for their POV.

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consider it in terms of “holds heat” vs “releases heat” since there is no such thing as cold other than it is just the absence of heat.
Aquilonian releases heat very well, black ice holds heat

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It’s not insulation, it’s ‘active protection’. Heat protection vs cold protection. It’s actively cooling/heating too, so if you wear ‘heat protection’ armor in a cold area, you’ll turn into a meat popsicle faster than if you’re naked.

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